List of Extras/Background Artists Casting – Atlanta, GA


ACE Casting Atlanta
AC Casting Atlanta Facebook

Background Artists Casting Atlanta
Background Artists Casting Atlanta Facebook

CAB Castings
CAB Castings Facebook

Casting TaylorMade
Casting TaylorMade Facebook
Casting TaylorMade Website

Casual Casting Atlanta
Casual Casting Atlanta Facebook

Catrett Locke Casting (CL Casting)
CL Casting Facebook

Central Casting Georgia
Central Casting Georgia Facebook
Central Casting Website

Christopher Gray Casting
Christopher Gray Casting Facebook
Christopher Gray Casting Website

Cynthia Stillwell Casting
Cynthia Stillwell Casting Facebook

Extras Atlanta
Extras Atlanta Facebook
Extras Atlanta Website

Extras Casting Atlanta
ECA Atlanta Facebook
ECA Website

Extra Extra Casting of the South
Extra Extra Casting of the South Facebook
Extra Extra Casting of the South Website

Hylton Casting
Hylton Casting Facebook
Hylton Casting Website

Kimmie Braud Casting – KBA Casting of Atlanta
KBA Casting Atlanta Facebook

Marinella Hume Casting Atlanta
Marinella Hume Casting Atl Facebook
Marinella Hume Website

New Life Casting
New Life Casting Facebook

Pierre Casting
Pierre Casting Facebook
Pierre Casting Website

Rose Lock Casting
Rose Locke Casting Atlanta Facebook

Sky Casting House
Sky Casting House Facebook

Southern BG Casting
Southern BG Casting Facebook
Southern BG Website

Southern Casting Associates
Southern Casting Associates Facebook
Southern Casting Associates Website

Stilwell Casting
Stilwell Casting Facebook
Stilwell Casting Website

Tammy Smith Casting – Atlanta
Tammy Smith Casting Atlanta Facebook
Tammy Smith Casting Website

WSA Casting
WSA Casting Facebook
WSA Casting Website

Facebook Extra Groups
Actor Support Group
Casting Call ATL
Destination Casting (formerly Last Looks Casting)
The Extra Bad Group



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