Michelle Faldoski of IATSE Local 479 & IATSE Local 927 on Being Tough in the Biz


How did you get involved in the film industry?
I signed up to be an ‘extra’ on “Footloose” remake, for free! Last time ‘free,’ ever happened!

You have been a Set PA, Set Decorator, Set Dresser, Producer, Actress, etc. Is there any other department you’d like to attempt next?
Yes, I have been all those, but not all were union positions. I’d like to move up to being a Set Decorator on a union production.

Have you found being knowledgeable in one department has helped you in another?
Not really, I work around a lot of Carpenters, but I could never/nor want/do their job!

How busy is it being a stagehand? That’s pretty much being a professional mover all day.
I do more moving in Set Dec department than I ever did being a Stagehand! Stagehand work you get to see the results in one or two days, all in the same place! And when the show is over, you’re done in a day, sometimes two!

What were your duties as Assistant Director on “Prosper”?
I was SecondSecond, mainly on that was making sure all departments where doing what they needed to be doing. I changed hats a lot, I also was Assistant to Decorator!

Any major differences between being a member of IATSE Local 479 & IATSE Local 927 as far as working conditions, hours, etc?
Oh Yes! A LOT! Completely different!

What advice would you give someone trying to enter the industry?
Have mad skills already in whatever department you want to go into! I really do love this stuff, but It’s a hard ASS JOB …it’s FUCKING HARD!

What’s next for you?
Wish I knew!

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