Renonda Anderson of PureFlare Talent


You are the Lead Talent Director at PureFlare. What is an average day like for you there?
It’s usually very busy with submissions, bookings, and sending auditions out. I stay on top of everything and respond to everything within the hour. I’ve had casting directors actually comment on my fast response and it is appreciated in the industry.

What sets PureFlare apart from other talent agencies?
We think outside the box and are diverse in every way possible. We actually care about all of our talent and personally communicate with as well as guide our talent to help further their careers in acting.

What do you look for specifically in new talent?
We look for passion, dedication, willingness to continually learn and improve, and availability to work.

Are you seeing an upswing in bookings for Georgia talent?
Absolutely! Even though pilot season officially ended in April, we still have a lot of pilots coming in. PureFlare talent is booking on the pilots as well as ongoing TV series, commercials, movies, and print jobs!

How did you transition from doing special effects makeup to casting?
I have met so many wonderful actors by doing make up and FX. My network is pretty vast and continues to expand. Producers over the years took notice about 8 years ago and have asked me to help cast for their movies, TV series, and other projects.

You obviously have a passion for the film industry. When did that begin?
I have loved movies since my dad took me to the theater when I was around 3 years old. I remember spotting my first continuity error around the age of 7 or 8. I’ve always had an eye for detail and a love of art.  The film industry combines all of my first loves and passions.

Actors wanting representation may contact Renonda at: [email protected]


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